Classic Car Insurance

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Classic Car Insuance?

Are you paying for standard auto insurance for your classic car? If you are, then you are probably paying too much! The classic car specialists at JLA Insurance Partners can help you get the right policy for your classic car, at the right price. Get a free classic car insurance quote today!

Classic Car Insurance: Is It Really Necessary?

We get this question all the time. The answer is simple: yes, classic cars are required to have some level of insurance coverage, similar to standard auto insurance. But there is good news for classic car lovers: classic car insurance is often less expensive because most classic cars are not used for routine, every day driving.

Whether your classic qualifies for a classic car insurance policy will be determined by a number of factors, such as the car’s model year, the number of miles driven annually, and any specialized customizations that have been made to the car.

Is My Car A Classic?

Not every car can be considered a “classic car”; however, there is a fairly comprehensive list of typical vehicles that may qualify for classic car insurance, including:

Antique or vintage cars
Antique or classic trucks and sport utility vehicles
Vintage motorcycles and scooters
Antique or vintage tractors
Classic military vehicles
Modern collector vehicles
Modified vehicles
Motorsports vehicles
Retired commercial vehicles
Collector trailers
Vehicles under construction