Specialized Association Program

JLA Partners Insurance

Associations are all different. Our team knows the specialized needs of Residential Condominiums, Commercial Condominiums, Timeshare Condominiums, Home Owners Associations and Property Managers.

With over 35 years of experience we have the expertise to determine the best coverage for to protect your Association and the individual units. Master policies are important to all Associations. The policies need to have the specialized endorsements to fit the different needs of each classification of Association. Some Associations will insure the entire building and some will only insure the exterior walls out. Our professional experienced team has the tools required to assess your Association’s needs.

Our mission is to partner with you to help you navigate insurance. Our team will...

  • Meet you in person Quarterly, Biannually or Annually.
  • Attend Board or Committee meetings upon request.
  • Assist Owners with Lender Insurance Compliance.
  • Be a support system for Managers and Boards.
  • Assist Realtors & Lenders with Quick Closings.
  • One Contact for all of your Insurance Needs!
  • Always provide Fair Honest evaluations.
  • Provide Annual Insurance Reviews.
  • Have access to hundreds of carriers.
  • Assist with Statue Compliance.
  • Review Vendor Certificates.