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You’ve worked hard over the years to acquire the things you’ve dreamed about.  Doesn’t it make sense to have peace of mind with  protection of your valuable assets?

JLA Insurance Partners represents leading insurance companies that specialize in protecting your investment in high value homes and personal property. We offer coverage for valuable articles like:

  • Jewelry Insurance
    • The larger and more significant your collections become, the greater your need for the right insurance solutions.
  • Collectibles Insurance
    • Protect an entire collection or itemize valuable pieces.
    • Coverage for breakage of fragile items.
  • Fine art Insurance
    • Your collection of classical paintings or contemporary art, deserve comprehensive coverage
  • Arts and Antiques Insurance
    • Breakage for items like crystal, china and porcelain or other delicate possessions.
  • Pleasure Vehicle Insurance such as boats, jet skis and yachts.